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I started this blog to record updates on my writing, and my thoughts on the writing process. At the time, I had written a handful of short stories and had some ideas for longer pieces. But, the Fates had other plans for me. I “retired early” from teaching high school, and co-founded Cinema Detroit with my wife Paula (Paula’s Cinema Club, TCM Party). One of the side effects of this is that my time for writing has diminished – which is alright because running an indie movie theater is pretty amazing.

While I won’t be updating Alchemist’s Blend on a regular basis, I have decided to leave it up. So, browse the old posts, and occasionally a new post will appear. As always, you can send me a message via email (tkguthat at yahoo dot com), or find me on Twitter (tkguthat). And if you’re in Detroit, come see a movie!


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