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Hello WordPress and a Question

Hello everyone. I’ve decided to move my blog/website to WordPress. I was very happy with the platform I’ve been using. It had a “wysiwyg” interface that was totally awesome. Indeed, I liked it better than any of the blogging platforms I’ve tried. However, WordPress does two very important things that my current site cannot. Namely, visitors cannot subscribe by email to the site, nor can they subscribe to comments/be alerted when a new comment has been made. Now, I was able to add a widget that allowed people to sign up for email updates, but I would have to sign into another website to administer this system; not the ideal situation. However, not being able to subscribe to comments was what really decided the issue for me. I want to use my blog to have conversations. I simply need that function.

Anyway, on to the QUESTION. What should I do about the posts on my old blog (I’m going to bring my stories over, I’m just thinking about the regular posts)? Should I try to move them over? Or should I just have a link to my old site? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for your input!



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